3 best afterschools for Faria (William) Elementary School : that pickup your child from the school

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Faria (William) Elementary School is a public school located in Cupertino, CA. It depends on Cupertino Union School District.

The teachers helped me grow in many aspects of life and learning. Great school with higher academic standards than public schools.

Then, is the any afterschools for Faria (William) Elementary School.
We picked up the top 3 afterschools that pickup your child from the school.

What’s your choice? there’re 3 good afterschools near Faria (William) Elementary School

We strongly recommend these 3 after schools below.

  1. Pinnacle Intellect
  2. Omei Academy
  3. Turip Kids

1 Pinnacle Intellect

Developing Intellect is core concept of Pinnacle Intellect. We think that Intellect is the important ability to reason, question and rationalize things.

Achieving our core concept, we adopt holistic approach to learning.  To do holistic approach, we have eight technique for learning. These are core academics, hands on lessons, math, reading, writing, critical thinking, social and life skills, and we also consider that building humanity is important thing as well as academic skills. So, we specialized in behavioral skills, good manners, conflict resolution and character building.

In our class, Children is guided to building intellect in activities, witch is leading by applying knowledge, skills, interests and values.

This style makes children to succeed in their own field for academics.
it is a best preparation for them to meet any challenges and hot to solve it with an open and positive mind.

At Pinnacle, when a topic area is taught, children can integrated their knowledge spontaneously witch means the content for that topic is combined with several subjects. This is a main feature of our curriculum.

learning different disciplines from other topics, they can strengthens their knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes.
This means “making their learning whole”. We fund our school for the child to enjoy their life long journey and continue learning and growth.

Pinnacle Intellect’s Vision

Our vision is “Building Intellect.” Our after school program follows this vision. Because developing intellect makes intelligence more useful. We also think that Intelligence can have a balance when intellect and reasoning are both in equally, intensely and harmoniously. That is why we focus on Building Intellect


3242 McKinley Dr,Santa Clara, CA, 95051

After school programs

learning process contribute to develop an intellectual.
They also keep on growing our programs with taking new creative ideas.

After school curriculum consist of two programs.

  • One is in-house programs (Homework help and so on)
  • and the other is vendor based subscription programs.

In-house programs

This programs involve HomeWork help, Readers Workshop and Math Excellence.

Except for core program, they have three topics,

  • Enrichment
  • Extra Curricular
  • Social programs.

To keep children motivate, these three programs are basically conducted on a rotational.
This also maintain children’s learning process with changing topics and goes beyond academics.

Here is our rotational programs detail.


Competitive Math, Project Based Learning, Hands On Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies  and  Technology

  • Extra Curricular – Arts & Crafts, Public Speaking, Theater  and  Performing Arts
  • Social – Heritage, Junior Achievement (Money, Personal Finance, Economics, Common Core and more)  and  Service Learning Programs
  • Subscription program


To acquire rationality, math is the important subject.

But that is not enough to accomplish a best success in our real life. We need one more thing. That is “Critical Thinking”.

RISU class can grow thinking ability witch is based on wide variety of critical thinking clue, like non-verbal, verbal, spatial, numerical and logical reasoning. Those generate self-confidence and nurturing curiosity. RISU provide it with tablet witch is very useful, handy and it also gives a highly efficient and effective learning for children. Plus, each student can learn their own pace

RISU Math has a great method for learning math.
It is really effective and proven that some of children can learns math 1.7 times faster than the school curriculum. RISU is not designed mastering math, but also growing self-confidence, self-efficacy, independence and curiosity. Taking RISU Math, Your children has an opportunity to enhance math skills including arithmetic, geometry and word problems too.

After School Robotics Labs

Robotics programming is more important in our society. So, We choose Wizbots to robotics programming and design. With Using LEGO robotic and java coding, children can train both creativity and problem-solving.


Your children can learn

  • 3D Printing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Site Design and  Development
  • App Design
  • Coding
  • Computer Skills

and so on.

2 Omei Academy

Omei Academy is the international learning center that offers a very unique blend of academics, arts and technology. 

We are the first school that introduce Taichi to all attending children for helping them to calm their minds, improving concentration, and to make their muscle flexible and grow humanity. Taichi is an ancient Chinese martial art and it also has a long history.

Now a days, this martial art is not adopted in china, but also North America, Asia and any other countries.

Taichi has a rhythmical purposeful movements and acts slowly. When children try It,

They keep their mind calm down and gets their mind in the right frame, witch means They can really focus on what they do and choose an right thought for the moment.  It can also improves concentration and coordination. While playing Tichi, we foucus on having the deep breathing. The deep breathing is most important component of Taichi. If we learn breathing skill, this stretches the muscles and cool our mind down in every situation. Considering these features, this has a lot of benefit to your kids.

We think that Taichi is good for child education and grow their mind and character and we highly recommend the people this is the best feature of our school.

Furthermore, We offer a wide range of programs that comes from Chessand Piano to Electronics, Dance and Science in our afterschool curriculum, enrichment classes.

Vision of Omei Academy

Their vision is

  • “build strong characters”,
  • ”enhance knowledge and step up for creativity”.

To accomplish it,  Omei Academy focuses on developing skills and educate.
Successfully unique thoughtful academics and martial art programs, so we offer a best education for your child’s future.


10070 Imperial Ave Cupertino, CA 95014

Enrichment Program

-Math class

We have a Math class for students with daily bases. Our goal in Math class is

growing a deep understanding and ability to apply mathematic how to handle in real situations

with it. We aim for all attending students to achieve our goal.
Our math teachers are highly trained and has a best quality to teach. They also use Singapore Math work books. This is our   Common Core Standard, and recently introduced to the Cupertino School District program. In our Math class, Students focus on building a clear set of mathematical concepts which is really useful for our society to solve a real world problems.

-English class

Our main focus on English class is to provide students with a capability of learning English in a enjoyable and enlightening way.

Students can learn our English program on a daily bases. A wide range of texts and English related tasks enable student to enchance content knowledge, and a vast exposure in it.  Our English feature offers to gain principles of elite writing for all genres. We think that Writing skill is one of an important ability for English, so, younger students can learn how to write paragraphs with summarizing texts and find out understanding of details in grade appropriate texts.

From great texts, Older students can acquire how to write essay, which demand answer questions and require critical thinking of academic and fictional .

– Martial art

Taichi is our main program for Martial art. We highly recommend it for children, because it has great benefit for their mind and body. As we said before. It is good for their learning.

We have a Kungfu class as well

3 Tulip Kids

Tulip Kids is a Child care/Preschool, After School witch offers a high quality programs via its six locations in South and East bay.

Our core concept is to nurturing “the whole child”.

  • enthusiastically dedicate to provide the whole child education that what makes a difference from other child care, schools, and enrichment centers.

To achieve this concept, We believe that children need to be encouraged to learn as much as possible , and to make them to become life-long learners more likely, therefore , we really focus on offering enjoying class.  This is also our  responsibility to make it fun for them.

We also think that we need to pay attention to 21st Century skills, which is based on most up-to-date research of educational practices that are desirable for our future. Those skills including creative and logical problem solving, scientific literacy in this world, and to communicate ideas

We develop effective collaboration and enhanced children’s ability.
In order to grow their independence and their capability in many field such as

  • cognitive
  • academic
  • physical
  • social
  • aesthetic
  • emotional

All of the programs are carefully chosen to involve scheduled time and space for clearly thoughtful lessons, independent choice learning projects, and enjoyable group activities.

We wish that children learning at our school become the people who enlighten our world.
Tish message comes from our hearts and a crystalized expression of how we feel.

Thai is why we build this school to nurturing children and also families.

Thankfully, because of “word of mouth” that as parents tell other parents about us and children tell their friends, our school is growing steadily.


1159 Willow Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Enrich Program

We have a variety of programs, such as

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Science Workshops
  • Languages – Hindi & Spanish
  • Cultural – Bollywood/Folk/Fusion Dance, Spelling Bee, Yoga, Taekwondo
  • Chess and Indoor games and activities

Healthy Snack twice daily, Outdoor Field Trips.

We also have a program which is designed for middle class student.
These curriculums are Math Concepts/Language Arts in line with Common Core tasks,

Weekly Research Topics, independent study , analysis and research, Choice enrichment activities, Optional – Computer Learning (Graphic Arts, Programming), Physical activities (Yoga, Team building activities), Organizational skill development.

Furthermore, we provide an enrichment classes such as Gymnastics, Basketball, Chess, Math Program. So, You can have a highly qualified our after school care

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